MRT Brake Support Bracket Kit

Modern day cars are designed to cost less and weigh less. The "fire wall" that the brake master cylinder is bolted to, actually flex's under braking due to its narrow gauge thickness. The heavier the brake effort the more it flex's. This flex "adds" to a spongy brake peddle "feel".

By using some smart rally design, work MRT has come up with a simple yet effective brace that REDUCES THIS FLEX BY OVER 50%. The kit bolts to existing bolts that already exist and is fully adjustable. The result? Better brake effectiveness, instead of flexing the fire wall you actually exert more effort DIRECT to the brakes.  Try it you will be surprised!


  • Fits Impreza and Liberty / Legacy models
  • Fabricated steel assembly.
  • Simple installation (10 minutes)
  • Bolts to existing chassis mounts
  • Every part included, simply use your tools to fit.
  • Fully adjustable to maximise benefit

Customer Comments

RHD brake bracket 93 - 01
Now available in LEFT HAND DRIVE The design is the same, the benefits still great, only the shape has been varied! Like the RHD model this part fits BOTH the Impreza and Legacy / Liberty range of models.

01 / 02 models in both LHD and RHD will be released shortly, contact MRT for more details or your local MRT Agent


LHD  brake bracke


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