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MRT Performance are distributors for LINK ECU's and associated products. Used by our rally team and many other top motorsport teams around the world (including multiple National Group N rally Champion Cody Crocker). Link offer a huge range of direct swap plug in ECU's, such as Impreza WRX, Liberty / Legacy turbo, Mazda Miata, Nissan GTR and 200 sx, plus more.

Link adapter looms to plug from your standard engine harness to a LINK ECU.

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Engine Management "Wired in" ECU's

There are two “wire-in” systems available. The more modest of the two is simply called the “Link Engine Management” system while the “LinkPlus Engine Management” system is the more powerful, fully configured system. Both systems offer fully mapped fuel, ignition and boost control.

The Link Engine Management System has a very competitive purchase price plus is able to be installed by a careful / knowledgeable home enthusiast. Alternatively a professional installer can install the Link Engine Management System in minimal time. Engines can often be tuned without the aid of a dyno thereby reducing costs further. Possible due to the ease of the Remote Tuning Module as opposed to adapting a Laptop PC. Some road applications are tuned in under 2 hours.

Link Engine Management.
The Link Engine Management System is digital, microprocessor based, expandable and offering the following:

The Link System comes with a 1.5 meter breakout loom, detailed instruction book and FREE technical support from MRT.

LinkPlus Engine Management
The LinkPlus Engine Management system is the more powerful solution.


Plug In Engine Management ECU's

Remove the factory computer and plug in a fully adjustable Link Engine Management System in its place its that simple. The engine will start and then you can choose how you wish to modify the many options you now have! RPM, Boost, Fuel and more.

Link Plug-In Engine Management Systems are application specific and designed to fit within the factory ECU box. Dedicated software is supplied which is written for the particular vehicle installation. All applicable features of the Wire-In Systems are incorporated into the Plug-In Systems.

Dedicated Software Plug-In systems have software written specifically for each application with good safe settings as a starting point for further set up and tuning.
The system can even be easily test driven prior to purchase!

Currently Availability:

  • GTRLink
  • GTSLink
  • GTIRLink
  • PatrolLink
  • MaximaLink 


  • GTR R32 - 34
  • GTS - T only R32 - 4
  • 300Z 1990 - 5
  • 200sx
  • GTIR
  • Sylvia S13
  • Sylivia s14 - 5
  • PatrolLink
  • MaximaLink
  • RS Liberty and LegacyImpreza Turbo Ver 1 - 2 (1996)
  • Impreza Turbo Ver 3 - 4 (1997 - 98) 
    also suits 22b (please specify)
  • Impreza Turbo Ver 5 - 6 (1999 - 00) 
    also suits Forester GT (please specify)
  • Impreza Turbo Ver 7 (2001 on) "bug eye" 
    with tumbel inlet valves
  • Impreza Turbo Ver 7 (2001 on) "bug eye" 
    with Variable Cam control

NOTE: Subaru, please also specify country 
of origin, as plugs and wire's vary

  • MiataLink 1.6 inc boost and knock control 
  • MiataLink 1.8 up to 1999 inc boost 
    and knock control
  • Turbo 1.8 1999 inc extra injector ign 
    retard and boost control
  • 323 1.8 DOHC 4WD
  • Lancer EVO 1 - 3
  • Lancer EVO 4 - 5
  • Lancer EVO 6 9does not fit OE ecu housing)
  • VR4
HOLDEN / Chevrolet HONDA
  • VLLink
  • LS1 engine Generation 3
  • Integra 1996 - 98 B18C
  • Civic 1996 - 98 B18C
  • Civic 1992 - 95 B16A

ECU Tuning Tips

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