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Subaru Performance Handbook
(The 3rd edition of "Training WRX")

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This book intends to be a reference resource for anyone who owns, or intends to own a Subaru.
The book focuses on the Impreza but has a lot of additional information on other Subaru models
It provides a wealth of information about the design, strengths and weaknesses of the car, together with a comprehensive guide to improving the car according to one’s own requirements. Owners of turbo model Forester, Liberty/Legacy GT need not feel left out. Many of the techniques, products and most importantly, end results are very similar to the WRX. The book is aimed at rookie to enthusiast owners planning to modify their car in some way.

This book is an attempt to cut through the static and attempt to resolve this problem. Continuing on with Nick Warne’s successful format, the 3rd Edition of Training WRX once again draws on the technical expertise of Brett Middleton, his team at MRT Performance and many other suppliers and manufacturers.

Modifying your car requires a balanced approach, and an appreciation of the three broad categories that most modifications fall into:

  • Relatively in-expensive quick to install parts. Some of these can even be done at home by you, given a small amount of mechanical aptitude and a few common tools.
  • Parts that even though still considered “Bolt-ons” require specialist attention to ensure everything is assembled and tuned to work in harmony.
  • Hard-core performance modifications, a.k.a the “Monster Tune”, consisting of the biggest, brightest and most expensive mods you can do to your Subaru, consuming both money and time in equally frightening proportions.

This book covers all of these categories in at least some detail, and while not professing to be the final word in Subaru tuning, is an excellent base to get you up and running, providing you with the ammunition required to start asking questions that are applicable to your intended level of modifications. The great thing about the WRX Modification journey is that as long as you don’t go down a blind alley, you can start out with the smallest and least expensive of mods, and then build up as you get more intrigued, better paid or simply just obsessed!
Pick your own excuse.
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The History behind the Subaru Performance Handbook

TRAINING WRX (ver. 1)Click Here for Blow-Up
The meaning behind the name, some people got it some didn't, in typical Nick Warne humour the name was a play on words, meaning "training rex" and in no way was a WRX to be referred to as a dog! (in Oz a dog is often referred to as "Rex")

In 1999, MRT Performance published the first book for performance tuning of the Subaru WRX. (Teaming with client and enthusiast Nick Warne and employee Steve Bijok). Training WRX was a easy to read, humorously-written book on performance tuning for the WRX. Information was provided on simple tasks such as checking oil and water, and complete explanations of how a turbo works and why an up-rated exhaust makes the car better!

While other books offered simple copies of Subaru PR sheets and limited data, there was no known competitor with specific, proven recommendations for WRX performance tuning. This proved to be very successful and sold thousands of copies in Australia and around the world.

The format was bound A5 with a spiral binder to easy fit in a Impreza glove box.


In 2001, and 12 months earlier the second edition was worked on. Radically updated, TW2 included the new Version VII, GD chassis vehicles and all the developments in tuning products since the previous GC chassis editions. It included the (new) North American version.

How Extensive was this Book?

  • All the new codes and chassis data for the old and new models;
  • Over 300 pages and more than 300 photographs;
  • A4 / Quarto Size (approx 280 x 205mm)
  • "Perfect bound" like a regular book
  • Semi Hard gloss full colour cover
  • 63,000 words
  • More than 20 chapters with incredibly detailed information

(Previous)Endorsement by WRX Owners' Club

Some Other Customer Comments

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The easiest way to purchase your very own copy of "The Subaru performance handbook” (Training WRX 3rd Edition" is right here, right now via the on-line MRT Performance SHOP.  See the BOOKS section Under "Miscellaneous".

As you can see, there is no other publication anywhere that has the content of this book. A lot of the book is dedicated to the turbo model, however ANY Impreza owner will gain a benefit from its information. From suspension tuning to body enhancements, right thru to info on gearbox parts and engine components.

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If you would like to buy a electronic copy of the whole book , please follow this link to our dedicated web page here
Don't wait for a hard copy or pay for freight, purchase it now and get it instantly via our secure online credit card payment system



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